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Railroad Accessories

Deepwoods Software just released a new version of the Model Railroad System (ver 2.1.9) a few days ago. If you’re using their software, this latest update fixes a couple of bugs, one fairly significant one with the Time Table code.
If you’re not using it and don’t mind getting into some fairly technical stuff, both on [...]

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Kitbashing is the art of taking a model kit, or even a readymade piece and altering it (bashing!) to make it more like what you had in mind. This is done when we can’t seem to find exactly what we want directly off the hobby shop shelf, and are forced to become a scale size [...]


When it comes to controlling your model trains on the tracks, you are pretty much left with two choices: Analog control and DCC (Digital Command Control). There are vast differences between these two methods of controlling your trains on the track, and here we’ll look at them and discuss what you may need for your [...]


If you’ve ventured inside a hobby shop in search of a power pack for your model railway having discovered that the power pack the train set came with is wholly inadequate you’re not alone. Many have walked through those doors before you. When you make that trip, however, realize that there are several considerations you [...]


If there’s one thing that will really increase the look, feel, sound and even smell of your model railroad layout that would be the intelligent use of multimedia into your existing display. Creative and new ideas are popping up all the time, and these days you are truly limited only by your imagination, as the [...]


To bring your model railroad layout to life, you’ll need to populate it with buildings, people and other detail. This is one of the more enjoyable parts of building the layout, but requires some attention to detail.
Model railroad buildings can be created in several ways, either as a plastic form already built, a plastic model [...]


Everything has to start somewhere, and when it comes to Model Trains the base upon which our worlds are built is normally a table of some kind. But standard tables often have some serious drawbacks – you can’t access the center of your layout, there are no holes for feeding through power cables and [...]


What’s apple pie without vanilla ice cream? Espresso without foam? Model trains without tunnels and landscaping? Since the inception of prototyping (the creation of scale models of actual trains) there have been a few ‘must have’ accessories that every working train system seems to have or wants to have. We’re not [...]


The two methods of controlling model train engines and systems are Analog, which only permits one series of trains or systems at any one given time to be controlled, and Digital (DCC) which allows for several different units to be controlled separately by the same controller.
DCC stands for “Digital Command Control” which utilizes ‘command codes’ [...]


Model railroads are more then just the trains, tracks and power supplies. They provide the enthusiast a way to study and recreate entire worlds and towns in miniature. Fulfilling this requires a variety of modeling skills and techniques or a large pocket book to purchase ready-made scale models and supplies, but many enthusiasts prefer [...]