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Model Railroading

It’s the stuff of Hollywood – a mess of tangled wires, sweat dripping from the hero’s brow as the clock counts down and finally a nervous clip of a wire and the clock stops.  But enough of that, we’re talking about Model Railroads not bombs – even if some enthusiasts have threatened to blow their [...]


For non-enthusiasts the concept that there is a difference between a ‘toy’ train and a ‘model’ train is a subtle one.  Granted both hobbies involve small trains that may or may not be replicas of existing larger ones – but really that is where the comparison ends.  Toy trains are typically marketed to young children [...]


If you’re crazy about your railway and its smooth operation then you need to get to be an expert in cleaning and maintaining your locomotives. It’s hard to feel proud of your railroad when the locomotive lurches and jerks its way onto your tracks, thus doing it to all the cars behind it; nothing very [...]


Atlas Model Railroad Co. will distribute four new Masterpiece Ho model vehicles in August , 2007, in three different paint and body schemes each. All of these prototypically correct ready to go models will be priced at between $14.95 and $16.95. Here’s a look at what’s coming down the pike!
Austro Daimler – Three models, the [...]

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While this story certainly tugs at your emotions, it got me to thinking about the changing nature of the business hobby shop owner find themselves in these days. While Wold’s Hobbies during their 30 years of serving their community certainly made an impact, serving even second and third generation modelers, Chet Wold’s statement that ‘the [...]


If you’ve decided to take the plunge and get into model railroading, this article will offer a few tips to not only help you get off to a successful and enjoyable start, but to set you up for a lifetime of great fun and satisfaction.
A model railroad is more than a kids train set running [...]

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It’s funny how you can overlook something for so long and all of a sudden it just clicks into place for you.
I was poking around on today – which is an excellent place to learn more about Z scale model trains, by the way – and something jumped out at me.
One of the more [...]


For those of us who have power running through our rails to move our locomotives, keeping the track clean can be the difference on whether our railroad is running or not! Dirty tracks can be the culprit that slows your engines to a stop. Our trains rely on electric current going through the tracks to [...]


Walking into Purkey’s Toy Trains in Sykesville, Maryland is like stepping back in time. Wiley Purkey spent much time and effort restoring his store to it’s original state in 1878, and this is where he houses his model trains supply shop. He sells everything from ready-to-go model trains to a liquid to make your locomotive [...]

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You may have wondered as you gaze over the vast array of model trains and layout you either inherited or built, what’s all this stuff worth? I mean, you either know or suspect what you paid or someone close to you did, but what value should you attach to it should you want to sell [...]

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